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laws against gun trafficking appears to be gaining momentum in congress. the committee will meet today to mark up four bills aimed to reduce gun violence. among them, a piece of legislation to make it a federal crime for a person barred from owning a gun to purchase a firearm. also under proposal, reasonable cause to believe that a firearm will be used in a criminal act but make the sale anyway would be punished. meanwhile, talks aimed at requiring more background checks fell apart this week. a new quinnipiac poll shows many want background checks. >>> a deadly lion attack at a private animal sanctuary in california. 24-year-old intern diana hanson was killed by a 4-year-old african lion named kus kus after entering the animal's enclosure. she was one of the two volunteers at the survival cat haven east of fresno. deputies were later forced to shoot and kill the lion after failing to lure him into another area of the park. california's department of fish and wildlife are unaware of state regulations prohibiting an employee from going inside an animal's pen and they are looking into wha
for discrimination the law itself is discriminatory. it should be overturned." >>> u.s. cardinal roger mahoney tweeted thursday when the vatican pope process begins. he said the discussions were reach i reaching a conclusion adding a mood of excitement prevails. as the 115 cardinals prepare the take on the tradition, another tradition dating back hundreds of years is also tabing shape. betting on the next pope. according to, two of the top tle are from italy, three from ghana. and cardinals sean o'malley and timothy dolan from the united states are long shots. >>> justin bieber says he's getting better after collapsing during a performance. he told a london audience he wasn't feeling well, then collapsed. he was given oxygen from emergency workers bounced back to perform the final four songs of his show. the biebs was given once over at a nearby hospital and took to instagram for a shirtless photo at the hospital. maybe he really wasn't that sick. >> just enough to keep his fans very excited. >> and the temperature was warm enough inside the room. >> oh, yeah. it's nasty in new
. >>> three days, five deaths, all linked to law enforcement. what people in the bay area are saying about a recent spike in officer involved shooting. >>> also a touching tribute to two santa cruz officers killed in the line of duty. >>> a live look outside. that's the city by the bay. plenty of cloud cover. we'll check the forecast with rob mayeda today on this monday, march 4th. this is "today in the bay." >>> we're not going to get fog get us down on a monday morning. good to see you. i'm jon kelley. >> monday is the new friday. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren is off. we have rob mayeda in place for her. hello. >> good morning to you. low clouds this morning. temperatures 40s and some low 50s right now. we'll see clouds break up around lunchtime today. mostly sunny skies. not a bad day today. our temperatures not quite as warm as what we had over the weekend. we're looking at highs upper 50s to near 60. a dry day today. we'll see changes coming up tomorrow. a look at that in your forecast in a few minutes. for a check of your monday morning co
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3